Our SA Idols Interview with Idols SA S4 Winner, Jody Williams

WE would like to take SA Idols S4 winner, Jody Williams for taking the time to answer our questions.


OSAI: You were the youngest SA Idols winner to date. What is your advice to young aspiring idols contestants?

JODY: Don’t feel intimidated by your age. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Just go out there and give it all you’ve got. Most of all,just have fun and enjoy It. Try and learn as much as you can from this experience.

OSAI: Cape Town auditions are coming up in February 2013. You stood in those lines amongst 1000’s of hopefuls. Do you have any specific advice how to survive the audition phases?

JODY: Firstly,make sure you get there very early.. those lines are long,believe me! Pick a song you are familiar and comfortable with,so you don’t have to worry about forgetting words. If you have that sorted,you’re good to go.

198021_493220424055989_1261095433_nJody performing on Idols S4

OSAI: You described yourself as being shy growing up as a child. Was it difficult to go from school girl to Idols contestant, performing in front of thousands of people?

JODY: Yes it was. I was not used to performing in front of big crowds. When the judges wanted me to start singing up beat songs,that’s where I became a bit scared, coz I knew I’d have to move on stage,but then I thought,if I don’t do this,the chances of me going home that Monday were pretty high.. haha! So I took the bull by the horns and went for it!

OSAI: Tell us a bit more about life in the Idols house.

JODY: In the Idols house, things were surprisingly good. There were no major fights or anything. I got along with all the contestants and we often helped each other out when it came to song choices. We were a real cool bunch!

OSAI: Do you feel that Idols SA back in the day did enough to assist you in carving your career path?

JODY: Yes! If it wasn’t for Idols,I wouldn’t have been here. No one would have even knew me,so I’m very thankful to them! I always wanted to perform and sing and Idols just got me there a whole lot faster then I would have.


OSAI: For the general public, it appears as if you simply disappeared after Idols. What have been doing since then?

JODY: It’s because I do not have a record label,so where they used to be doing things for me,I am now doing and financing it all myself,which is a bit difficult. I think that’s what happens to most of us and it will seem like we’ve disappeared or ‘don’t want to sing anymore’ which is not the case at all. I have released a single,that is soon to be out called ‘Getcha Motor Running’. It basically means, don’t wait for people to do things for you or you going to wait forever,get out there and do it yourself. I will also be a co -presenter on a brand new Afrikaans TV program. I cannot say much about it yet,as it’s still in the process of taking off, but I’ll be blogging about it as soon as I can. Super excited about that!

OSAI: You represented the continent of Africa on the song “Everyone”, the Official Theme Song of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games. You collaborated with four other artists, Sean Kingston (USA), Tabitha Nauser (Asia), Steve Appleton (Europe) and Jessica Mauboy (Oceania). Can you tell us how that came about & what was it like working with these artists?

JODY: That was a gig I got through Sony Music. I was so surprised and excited! They got word from Sony Singapore,that they needed young,youthful artists to sing and perform the YOG theme song and they then chose me to represent Africa. It was really one of the biggest highlights of my career! Working with all those other artists were amazing! Especially Sean Kingston! Wow! He’s just like any other normal person. Haha.. He also orders burgers for lunch and he also walks around in his socks. Haha.. small things like those really amused me and I don’t know why. 😀 If I could re-live my time in Singapore, I would!

OSAI: Can we expect a collaboration with maybe, Sean Kingston in the future?

JODY: Haha… I came across that idea a few months ago actually. It’s just almost impossible to get hold of them, but I won’t stop trying. Nothing’s impossible,you never know! Anything could happen at any time.


OSAI: You have worked with former Idols winners Karin Kortjé and Sasha-Lee Davids on he Diva’s Show Would you collaborate with them in the studio, maybe doing a duet?

JODY: Yes I would,they are very good friends of mine,so they would be easier to work with too. Karin is very soulful and I think a good song like ‘Barbara Streisand and Celine Dion “Tell Him” would be a goooood duet for us!

OSAI: Your going to be a co-presenter in a new KyKnet show “Woelag”. Is it hard to work in Afrikaans considering that your home language is English?

JODY: Aah you knew about the show. Haha.. Yes it is very difficult,they had to do a few takes with me in the beginning, because I couldn’t get the pronunciation correct, but after a while, it got rather easy. I even caught myself thinking in Afrikaans once! Haha.. It’s something new and I think this is a good challenge for me. I’m actually happy that it’s an Afrikaans program, because I got to get my Afrikaans in tact. Haha..

OSAI: Your sister Candice, wrote your Christmas single “This Christmas” and your new unreleased material. What is it like working so closely with your sister?

JODY: It’s very easy. I love working with her,because I can tell her if I don’t like something without having to feel bad about it. 😀 We kind of think in the same same way and by her writing, I also pick up a few tricks and that.

OSAI: Would you consider doing an All-star Idols season (An Idols season featuring the winners from the past 8 seasons)?

JODY: Idols was a good experience for me and I learned so much from it, but going through all that again, I don’t think I’d be up for it. Too much expectation I think..from all of us.

OSAI: Do you still watch Idols? If so, who is your favourite Idols winner to date and why?

JODY: I don’t follow from beginning to end,but I do watch finals. I don’t have a favorite Idol, as they are not only my working colleagues, but also my friends. They are all unique, with different musical styles and backgrounds, so I can’t pick one. They are all stunning at what they do!

OSAI: Your a full time musician, and I’m sure you have a hectic dairy,. Why decide to study further then?

JODY: It’s always good to have papers behind your name. It’s the same thing when people say you should complete school. I just want to have more than a matric certificate. I’m currently doing a year course in Psychology. Now people sometimes ask me, why Psychology? Well, I love helping people and listening to their problems. It’s always been a subject of interest to me, as to how the human mind works. 🙂



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